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Vladikite project


The author designed a way to try to avoid a crash of aircraft in some distress cases.
In 2001 the idea of designing an aircraft rescue system for an airplane in a situation of impending disaster before a crash, Wladimir Vostrikov has imagined a solution to save in this desperate situation, passengers and crew. Thanks to this revolutionary concept, the aircraft can hover in relative safety, even in case of engine shutdown, and land safely in a field on top of a forest or on the surface of water, sea, ocean.
Sweet crazy dream or brilliant project? When in doubt, Wladimir Vostrikov files the idea with INPI in Paris, then submits it to major aircraft manufacturers French and European. No answer is received. Far from being discouraged, he brings it to the attention of an American Company. The Company after analysis, confirms that his idea has caught their attention and is filed in a sort of « reserve of ideas. » But Vostrikov does not stop there. Like Leonardo da Vinci, who left to mankind his sketches and visionary calculations, he creates a written record of his project as a novel (published) – « Vladikite project ». Contraction of Vladimir (the protagonist) and Kite as a « kite » in English. The story begins by constructing a mock-up model through which designers validate his concept. Then he imagines the possibility of applying it to a real plane, a Yak-52, with first presentation in Chicago, then in Geneva and Moscow. In a small airfield in the Pyrenean Mountains in France, the team performs the first tests. The following result is in adventure to discover by reading this book, with its thrill, and the excitement it brings. It is an adventure novel. Highly recommended, if the dream becomes reality, it is also a beautiful message of hope.
Celine Fillot – journalist
Book may be available: e-mail address: vladex@sfr.fr

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