enormous hidden oceans in cosmos

27 09 2018

It seems it makes sense but, let’s wait for the explanation process. What is commonly explained is that 380,000 years after the big bang, a ionic mass was stagnating of hydrogen which suddenly after this famous period of ionic soup of stagnation bursted at light speed in all directions, and electrons found their place around each hydrogen atom. Overabundant « neutrons » created new protons creating new enriched atoms as helium, lithium, beryllium, carbon, azote and oxygen and so on… the simpliest atoms created stars, but the rest of atoms together with exploded stars, attracted each other and gathered towards next matter, roughly (acretion).

The simpliest basic atom and the most numerous is « hydrogen » gathered and mixed with another gas atom, oxygen in enormous quantities in cosmos – some numerous atoms created solid matter as silicium etc, but other mixed naturally together creating : H2O in enormous quantities, certainly creating « the hidden Ocean » found recently in the universe.



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